Repair Enquiry

We take great pride in offering our valued customer the service of repairing (Retouching, Polishing, etc.) of any jewellery they’d like, whether bought from HIJ or any other Jewellers.
We want to make it as feasible as possible, you may visit our shop or send us an inquiry online by filling the form.
We’ll respond to your inquiry as soon as possible, with an estimated budget & time required.


1. Please provide your basic information, so we can contact you.
2. Please attach some sample pictures of the product you want to repair, so we can better understand what you would like
3. Please select the Material Type & Purpose of inquiry from the dropdowns.
4. Please provide your additional information / special instructions in the text box

Terms & Conditions:
 •      Minor Repair of product bought from HIJ will be free of charge till our warranty period (1year)
  •   Products bought from elsewhere will be on a chargeable basis.

    Material type.

    Purpose of enquiry